cop|y1 [ `kapi ] noun ***
1. ) count a document, computer file, etc. that is exactly like the original one:
copy of: Please enclose a copy of your birth certificate.
Keep back-up copies of all your Word files.
make a copy (of something): I made copies of the report for the meeting.
a ) something exactly like something else:
The disease occurs if someone inherits two copies of an abnormal gene.
b ) something that is deliberately made to look the same as something else:
It's not a genuine Tudor table, but it's a good copy.
2. ) count a single newspaper, book, CD, piece of software, etc., that is one of many that are all exactly the same:
Her first album sold 100,000 copies.
copy of: Do you have a copy of yesterday's newspaper?
3. ) uncount writing that is ready to be published in a newspaper or magazine:
Copy for our April issue must be submitted by March 20th.
a ) news, opinions, or information published in a newspaper or magazine:
good/great/interesting etc. copy: His controversial remarks always make good copy.
cop|y2 [ `kapi ] verb **
▸ 1 make copy of original
▸ 2 do something like someone else
▸ 3 make something look the same
▸ 4 take ideas/methods
▸ 5 write the same
1. ) intransitive or transitive to make a copy of a piece of information by writing it somewhere:
Just copy what's in the book.
copy from: The students spent the whole class copying from the chalkboard.
copy something into something: He copied the number into his notebook.
a ) transitive to make a PHOTOCOPY:
I copied the letter and kept the original.
b ) transitive to make a copy of a piece of computer DATA, such as a piece of writing or a program:
Use the mouse to highlight the text you want to copy.
copy something over/across/to/onto: To install, first copy the setup file onto your hard drive.
c ) transitive to make a copy that is the same as the original thing:
They were charged with illegally copying videotapes.
Changes can occur when DNA is copied from one cell to another.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to do something in the same way as someone else:
Children learn by watching and copying.
The instructor does exercises that you can copy while you watch.
3. ) transitive to deliberately make something that looks exactly like something else:
She had painstakingly copied an 18th-century painting.
4. ) transitive to take someone else's ideas or methods and use them:
Bush's slogan compassionate conservatism was copied by several European politicians.
5. ) intransitive or transitive to look at someone else's work and write the same as they have, for example in order to cheat in an examination
,copy `down phrasal verb transitive
to write exactly what someone has written or said:
We carefully copied down the chemical formula.
,copy `in phrasal verb transitive
to send someone a copy of an e-mail or letter that you are sending to another person:
I'll e-mail her about it, and copy you in.
,copy `out phrasal verb transitive
to write something again exactly as it has been written:
We had to copy out sentences from a book.
`copy ,to phrasal verb transitive
copy something to someone to send a copy of a message or letter to someone:
I accidentally copied the e-mail to everyone in the company.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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